When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Are you eager to stretch your boundaries? Craving to leave, in order to return differently? Say yes to adventure! Being a family of adrenaline seekers ourselves, we would literally cross deserts to take your adventurous trip to the next level.

Ready to book, private packages

These trips will give you an idea of a typical holiday with Socrates. Keep in mind that every Socrates trip is different and that everything is adapted to best suit the wishes of our customers.

Outdoor Adventure in Lapland

Ever imagined yourself chasing the northern lights while driving your own husky sled? During this adventurous trip it’s all about being one with nature in a magic winter wonderland.

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Azimuth Adventure Route in USA

This 21-day trip takes you on an unforgettable adventure across North America. Following our family’s many visits, we have a glut of exciting activities to share with you on this trip.

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Ancient Wonders in Asia

From a dirtbike trip through the lush tropical jungles of Thailand, over an iconic balloon flight over the oldest temples of Bagan to a Rolls Royce Ghost drive in Dubai.

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A multi-country tour in South-America

From the desolate Atacama desert to the vibrant nightlife of Colombia or Buenos Aires. South America is the perfect stage for all incredible adventures.

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Flying Safari in Namibia

Travel 14 days and cruise thousands of kilometers over forgotten dunes, wild beaches and canyons through lost parts of North Namibia.

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Sneak peeks for your made-to-fit private trip

Get some inspiration for your own tailor-made trip
by checking out some of our adventures below.

Enduro riding in Morocco

For this off-road motorcycling trip we bring in our motorcycling expert Wim. This trip offers a safe and fun experience for the whole family under expert supervision.

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Heli-ski in British Colombia

Here amid the dramatic natural surroundings of British Columbia, you’ll make an equally dramatic climb in a helicopter straight to the summit of the mountain.

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Cowboy experience in North America

You may have ridden a horse before, but not like this. You’ll be suited and booted in the customary attire and taught by real working cowboys how to use a lasso.

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Car racing in Phoenix, Arizona

On this trip you’ll attend the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Special Forces in North Carolina

On this trip you will travel to North Carolina to learn how to handle firearms in a combat scenario and how to employ special survival techniques.

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Roadbook Training in Portugal

For the uninitiated, a roadbook is a book used by rally drivers and, in this case, off-road motorcyclists, to help navigate uncertain terrain.

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