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From a dirtbike trip through the lush tropical jungles of Thailand, over an iconic balloon flight over the oldest temples of Bagan to a Rolls Royce Ghost drive in Dubai. While uncovering the many faces of Asia, you’ll encounter both ancient wonders and modern marvels. But there is no need to rush. Because right in between two adventures, there is plenty of time to zone out on white-sand beaches and indulge in local, flavourful cuisine.

Our personal highlights

  • -Celebrating Christmas in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • -Dirt biking through the single track rails of the Thai jungle
  • -Ballooning over 3000 temples on the Bagan plain, Myanmar
  • -Asian inspired dinner, by Michelin star chef Felix Eppisser in the brandnew Seeds
  • -Sightseeing drive in a Rolls Royce Ghost, Dubai


Our Itinerary


8 days

After a brief stop in Bangkok, you continue your voyage to Chiang Mai. Grab your backpack after a good night’s rest, and climb the challenging 309 steps to the sacred temple Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. Beautifully flanked by adorned Naga Serpents. Go-getters will be rewarded with a spectacular bird’s eye view over the city.

If you prefer to discover Thailand on an active adventure, you definitely should consider a dirt bike trip through the deep rivers, high mountains and lush tropical jungles of Pai. During this fun-filled family trip on slippery slopes, the tropical beauty of Thailand reveals itself from a whole other perspective. On the move, you can document cultural and natural diversity to your heart’s content and get an insider’s view through warm-hearted encounters with locals in the jungle villages. Mister Tip cannot wait to become your personal guide.


8 days

Take a stroll along the Mahagandayon monastery in Mandaly, walk over the endless wooden U Bein bridge or drop by a pottery in Buffalo village to witness traditional village life. Or jump on a private boat or bike to merge into the ancient culture and discover the beauty of Kyauk Gu Ohm cave temples, that rarely see foreign visitors and continue cruising to Bagan. The most breathtaking experiences of them all is without a doubt the magical sunrise balloon flight over the massive Bagan temple complex.

Are you eager to learn more about Buddhism or local politics? We’ll gladly introduce you to a monk for a tea time to remember. Or an encounter with Burmese writer Ma Thanegi, former secretary of Aung San Suu Kyi. She will give you an insider’s insight of events in Myanmar history.


3 days

After such an intense schedule, you’ll no doubt be exhausted. That’s why our last stop takes us to a relaxing stay in Dubai, where you can recharge your batteries however you want. By reading a book next to the pool, for example, or renting a Rolls Royce Ghost to do some proper sightseeing or take a drive to Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World in utmost style. Followed by a Range Rover safari or heart-pumping buggy drive through the dunes. Or a sunrise balloon trip with a Falcon and Falconer aboard? The sky is never the limit!

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