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Italy Savoring Tuscany's scene


Il dolce far niente... Tuscany is the land that captures the quintessence of life

It’s for good reason that this region of the long booted leg of Italy is among the world’s top summer destinations. Wandering through narrow cobblestone streets, your personal chaperon will guide you through the authentic and undiscovered beauty of Italy. His perfect knowledge of the ins and outs of the local area will unveil its hidden gems and makes sure you’ll never find yourself trapped in the center of a touristic spot.

When the most famous wineries open their doors for you, you’ll get a true taste of the essence of Tuscany.

Discover the beauty of Firenze, thriving with a medieval but festive atmosphere. From basilics and local antique stores to masterpieces of Michelangelo, Giotto, Leonardo da vinci and Raphael. Or step into a real-life Renaissance painting, when coming home to your private villa during sunset.

Your personal driver, concierge, sommelier and master chef will make the best of your tailor-made trip. Whether you like a private dancing lesson in the morning, a hilltop lunch or countryside Ferrari drive to the city of Siena the afternoon. In these dreamy landscapes, just about everything is possible.

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