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As a family, we still talk for hours about trips we went on years ago. We make it a point of pride to ensure you feel the same about your Socrates experience. Whether your family or group of friends is a band of out-and-out adventurers or comfort seekers looking for cultural gems off the beaten track, we’ll tailor a trip that exceeds your expectations.


Even our private plane is yours,
if you want to

Do you want to travel to new heights? Our brandnew F900 EX Easy is ready to go to fly you from one destination to the next with no lines, no airport security checks and the ultimate privacy once in the air. A private jet, custom-designed for Socrates Projects and its League of Extraordinary Travellers, to ensure you enjoy the journey as much as the destination. The ideal tri-engined European Jet, perfect for short strips, transatlantic and transpacific routes and beyond without stress.

To optimize your in-flight experience, our private jet is spaciously configured with 6 fully flatbed seats. It features upgraded interiors and on-demand entertainment. Even at 45' 000 feet, we are committed to helping you to achieve the perfect slumber.

Flying aboard our luxuriously appointed private jet with your personal flight attendant and exclusive catering ensures that you travel in total comfort prior to arriving at your accommodation.

The perks of travelling with our private jet may seem like an extravagance, but you won’t easily forget the freedom, privacy and convenience that comes with it.

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At your service
every step of the way

Your vacation is all about relaxation. While you’re enjoying every moment, we’re busy ensuring that everything runs smoothly for you. We’ll be standing by at all times, from the moment you leave until you’re back on terra firma.


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