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carribean private sailing trip


This trip offers all the soul-soothing beauty of the Caribbean’s azure waters and sandy beaches with the adventure and satisfaction of manning your family’s own private sailing boat.

Our 180-foot sailing yacht will take you out on pristine waters where you’ll be shown the ropes (pun intended) of sailing. You and your family will learn the value of teamwork as you work together to harness the power of the wind. It’s physical fun, but there’s also time to relax on deck. Fancy a spot of fishing? Just say the word and we’ll make the necessary arrangements. And you can’t leave this paradisiacal location without taking a peak below the waves: we recommend snorkelling or scuba diving to discover the natural treasures hidden beneath.


  • -Enjoy the luxury of your own 180-foot sailing yacht
  • -Relax on white sandy beaches
  • -Snorkeling and scuba diving in turquoise waters of the Carribean sea
  • -Island hopping


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