Savor Life’s Luxuries

Luxury travel is about much more than plumped pillows and great bedroom views. It’s about entering a state of bliss, while enjoying the very best of travel. From exquisite cuisine to exclusive accommodations. It’s about making you feel thrilled, pampered and privileged, gazing upon a little known world. Sit back and relax!

Ready to book, private packages

These trips will give you an idea of a typical holiday with Socrates. Keep in mind that every Socrates trip is different and that everything is adapted to best suit the wishes of our customers.

Private Sailing in the Caribbean

This trip offers all the soul-soothing beauty of the Caribbean’s azure waters and sandy beaches with the adventure and satisfaction of manning your family’s own private sailing boat.

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A Journey into Africa

This 15-day trip offers a tour of the African continent in the broadest sense. In these two weeks you’ll experience a wide range of delights both cultural and natural.

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Sneak peeks for your made-to-fit private trip

Get some inspiration for your own tailor-made trip
by checking out some of our adventures below.

Savoring scenes in Tuscany, Italy

Il dolce far niente... Tuscany is the land that captures the quintessence of life.

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Ancient wonders of Central America

It’s hard to imagine a more picturesque and exciting backdrop than the lush, green surroundings of Central America’s interior, with its ancient Mayan temples and colourful wildlife.

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Safari in Southern Africa

South Africa has authenticity and natural beauty in spades. On this trip you won’t encounter any of the commercial taint of other destinations.

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