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namibia flying safari


“A trip that contrasts thrills and relaxation in equal measure.”

Travel 14 days and cruise thousands of kilometers over forgotten dunes, wild beaches and canyons through lost parts of North Namibia. Worlds away from the tourist swarms. An unforgettable expedition, featuring you, piloting your paramotor into the most secret places of Africa. Co-pilot from one leg of the rally to the next with our 4x4 or bridge it yourself with an offroad motorcycle.

Our personal highlights

  • -Get a personal Bush Pilot Training, surrounded by the scenery of the Giant Dunes of the Namib Desert
  • -Improve your new piloting skills immediately and go flying in the bush
  • -Follow the beautiful giraffes and the large herds of Oryx across the sands
  • -Explore the intriguing untouched dry rivers of the region
  • -Camp in the middle of nowhere
  • -Fly over the last really free Elephants


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