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Beyond Category Travel around the world
in your own private jet


Imagine yourself and your loved ones, cruising through the most secret corners of the world. A bold voyage, circling the globe in just over six weeks with your own private jet. The ultimate private travelling experience. Enjoying direct, point to point tying that will take in all the iconic destinations of your choice. Are you ready to feel enriched by the wealth of adventure, exclusive comfort and multi-cultural experiences? The world is yours!

Our personal highlights

  • -Discovering the jewel in Islams crown, Persepolis Iran
  • -Strolling through Angkor Wat, Cambodja
  • -Bay of Islands, New Zealand
  • -Island hopping with a private sailing boat
  • -Diving, Bora Bora
  • -Rodeo watching in Cody, Wyoming
  • -Enjoying the perks of a private houseboat, Lake Powell, Utah
  • -Promenading in Burbonstreet, New Orleans
  • -Relaxing on South Beach, Miami
  • -Reloading in the Provence, France

With private jet F900


Our Itinerary

The world awaits, our private plane is all set. But where to begin, when planning a trip that ticks off your bucket list from A to Z? Feel inspired by our own 6 weeks itinerary. From a deep dive into the architecture and culture of Iran to the beautiful nature of New Zealand, French Polynesia and the USA.


5 days

Merge into the colorful culture of Persepolis, be awed by the mystifying beauty of the Pink Mosque and take an evening walk on the riverbanks along the Si-O-Sebrug.


3 days

Stroll along monks on the age-old grounds of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and the Ta Prohm Temple. If you’re in for a bike ride, you can discover the floating villages on the Tonle Sap lake, one of the big lakes of South East Asia, while enjoying some off road tracks.


7 days

No trip around the world would be complete without taking the opportunity to explore the stunning nature of New Zealand. From a walk along the harbour of Auckland or the beaches of Bay of Islands, over the scenic route to Hamilton. Every scenery has its own charm. We dare the adrenaline hunters among you to go rappelling or black water rafting in the Waitomo caves.


12 days

After a brief stop in Tahiti, we continue our voyage from Raiatea to Tahaa and Bora Bora on a private sailing boat. A paradisiacal location to enjoy the soul-soothing beauty of the azure waters and lagoons. Discover the natural treasures hidden beneath when you take a peek below the waves, while snorkelling, scuba diving or visiting a pearl farm. Finally, you can’t escape the warmest welcome in Hawaii, with the traditional tropical flowers.


15 days

On the journey back we tick off some iconic places in the USA. Wyoming introduces you to the wild Wild West. Follow Buffalo Bill’s footsteps while watching a rodeo drive.

Continue your journey with the wonders of Yellowstone National Park, relax on your private houseboat on Lake Powell in Utah and end up a different world, in the French Quarter and Garden District of New Orleans.

Next up is some well-deserved rest on the South Beaches of Miami. The Everglades, Florida Keys and the art deco district are just a stone’s throw away.


7 days

After such an intensive weeks, you’ll no doubt be exhausted. That’s why our last stop takes us to a laid-back charming stay in the Provence. There is no better place to recharge your batteries. The Mont Ventoux is waiting to be tackled by those who have some energy left...

© Images: Socrates Projects, Unsplash